GHUF for foreinger

아이폰 사진 복사 11년 2월1일 957

GHUF(Great humanism federation for being great human, volunteer service)

we can make a peaceful world,

if we can be one  together,

if we have a good opportunity and good goal,

and we can join wth good nature, good friend,

In korea or your country


For the World of the Great Humanism Ideology for being great human!

Great Humanism Ideology is the best Ideology through the times
By this,
We can create a harmonious World with Human beings and Nature
We don’t need any War in the world
We dont need any more greed…
We want to be a Peaceful World

and by this Ideology
We can make a Peaceful world.
We can make a good living in the World

For that
We have to change the World,
We have to change from the capitalism Ideology to the Great Humanism Ideology…

Bad Ideology is root of every problem,
If we have a good Ideology  ,we can make a good culture,good life and keep nature.

For that
this is made …

We together can make the Great Humanist World..

If We have 10 million members here..
We can change the World…

Please join us
Let’s go to a Peaceful World, a Good Hearted World, a Hamonious World…

For that
We are going to make a world-wide connection,

Again, please join us in creating this new world.

In Korea,

Great Humaninsm federation for being great human, volunteer service ,
President, Hongsun Park


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